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Thread: nVidia 680i mobo problems? Tell nVidia!

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    Default nVidia 680i mobo problems? Tell nVidia!

    If you have a motherboard based on the nVidia 680i chipset, and cannot get it to work, please post your experiences here.

    I had submitted a link to an ongoing petition to get nVidia to fix what some regard as a defective product, but the message was removed and the Mod or Admin said to start a discussion first, so let's discuss it!

    The guidelines for the discussion should be:
    1. State your board manufacturer and model.
    1a. Hardware being used, i.e., CPU, RAM, GPU, PSU etc.
    2. Be specific in describing your problem(s). For example; you might say that you cannot get the board to POST. Please do not make statements such as; 'this POS don't work!'
    3. Describe what troubleshooting you have tried.
    4. If you have found solutions to any problems, please share.
    5. If your 680i based motherboard has no problems, please refrain from telling us how wonderful your experiences are and that those of us who are having problems are all ignorant noobs. This thread is only for those with problems.

    Hopefully this will satisfy the Mod/Admin and the petition link can be reposted.
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    Default Re: nVidia 680i mobo problems? Tell nVidia!

    Well, apparently everyone here is satisfied with their 680i based motherboards, although I see several threads in the Gigabyte forum about how bad the GA-N680SLI boards are?

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    Default Re: nVidia 680i mobo problems? Tell nVidia!

    Most regulars here are smart enough to stay away from the 680i boards since they are bug filled nightmares. The only reason you see people having issues with the Gigabyte boards is that this forum has an official Gigabyte sponsored section and 99.99% of the people posting in there are not regulars but they are people who sign up to the forum to complain about Gigabyte products. I for one love Gigabyte boards and would take one over any other maker. The only reason I got my MSI board is that it was on sale and it supports Crossfire.

    We have enough threads posted by newcomers who only post to trash products to fill a server. That is why you got a bad response to your inquiry the first time. This is not the place to kick the manufacturers in the balls. Doing it on their forums/web sites would possibly get you further along. nVidia does not make motherboards. They produce the parts for the mainboard companies to produce motherboards. This is a fight you could never possibly hope to win since you are picking your battle with someone that doesn't actually produce retail parts.
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    Default Re: nVidia 680i mobo problems? Tell nVidia!


    You obviously misinterpret my intentions.

    But, no matter. There are other forums that allow more open-minded discussions.

    Thank you for allowing me to post, you may delete the thread at your convenience.

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    Thumbs down Re: nVidia 680i mobo problems? Tell nVidia!

    I could not more strongly disagree about Gigabyte, however, each to his own! Also, while NVIDIA does not manufacture the final product, it is their nforce drivers, and they have not been updated since late 2006 for the 600 series.
    That said, the GA N680SLI DQ6 is very fast, but, support is nil and only the original bios published since Q1 2007 along with some ineffective unpublished betas. That is my problem with Gigabyte-no effective manufacturer support; from the manufacturer, by the manufacturer, on the manufacturer's website.
    I have emailed NVIDIA a while back with some constructive criticism and they responded with some very good answers

    Some of my nightmare detailing some specifics is posted in the Gigabyte support forum here:

    so I see no advantge to double posting.

    As for casecutter's comments, don't take things so personally; he is just expressing his opinion and his preferences, plus the facts about the forums here. This is what it is all about, open minded discussion. So give it some time, his point of view is his and he is entitled; not everybody will concurr!
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  6. Default Re: nVidia 680i mobo problems? Tell nVidia!

    Is that all some of you guys do - hang around and bash companies?

    It's hard not to believe so when some people have 90% and above of their posts towards a company.

    In my opinion, emailing and messaging back and forth hardly ever works. Have you tried calling them? It would take less time than waiting for a reply.

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