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Thread: Asus A7A266 upgrading CPU

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    Default Asus A7A266 upgrading CPU

    Hi. I'm new to these forums.

    I have the above motherboard with BIOS 1008 with an Athlon 1700XP.

    I was looking to give it a new lease of life by replacing it with an Athlon 2400XP. Apart from upgrading the BIOS should this be a straightforward enough change?

    I was also going to replace the GeForce3Ti200 with an ATI Radeon Sapphire 512MB X1650PRO. Any comments on the wisdom of this upgrade path?

    I'm really upgrading to extend the life of the machine for a year or so until I replace it.


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    Default Re: Asus A7A266 upgrading CPU

    sounds like a plan to me

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    Default Re: Asus A7A266 upgrading CPU

    Have you tried overclocking that XP1700+ ?

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