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Thread: Connecting a Gigabyte P35-DS4

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    Default Connecting a Gigabyte P35-DS4

    I have purchased the parts to build my own PC. I'm using the following components;
    Gigabyte P35-D54 motherboard
    Artic 700w power supply
    Nvida G Force 8800 GT Video card
    Enermax case

    I thought this would be easy to connect, but I'm having difficulties connecting the small light cables which come from the front of the Enermax case. Is there a site which clearly identifies where each cable is terminated including the power cables from the power unit.


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    Default Re: Connecting a Gigabyte P35-DS4

    Power cables are a no-brainer since there aren't any connectors of the same size but with varying voltage. If the cable fits, it is the right one.

    With regards to the terminations of the wiring mess coming from the front of your enclosure, thumb through your motherboard manual and you should find it. If you purchased an OEM mainboard to save money and it didn't come with a manual, you can download a PDF version from the manufacturer's website. Most motherboards are different so you will need to reference the manual to make sure you get it right. Also, many of these header boards have a positive and negative. Just make sure you connect the ground wire to the negative side.
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