Dear Tweaktown,

I've always stuck with Asus for motherboard. Used an Asus Striker Extreme which worked well. However, due to an accident I destroyed the board. Since there was no Asus board of my likings, I went with a Gigabyte X38 DS5. With that board, I got me a Q6600 G0 stepping (with ThermalRight Extreme 120). Now this board is giving me headaches, randomly crashing. It all being on stock speed too! Cooling is no issue. Sooooo.... I've been looking for a new board to replace this GB one.

The XFX N780 caught my eyes, as XFX always got good reviews in the Graphics card department. It also implements the NVidia 780 chipset. Then, I started to search for thorough reviews on this board. But surprisingly, there are hardly any out there.

Since Tweak Town is my #1 to look for reviews, as they are quite spot on and reliable more often than not, I looked here but couldn't find anything about this board.

Hence, I'd love to see a review from your hands on this board in the near future. I would be very interesting in your opinion, especially regarding stability and overclockability of this board.

Thanks muchos