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Thread: High-end and Luxury P45 - GIGABYTE P45T EXTREME Air-Cooling 659MHz Reached

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    Default Re: High-end and Luxury P45 - GIGABYTE P45T EXTREME Air-Cooling 659MHz Reached

    Uses CORSAIR Dominator TWIN3X2048-1800C7DIN, supports XMP

    Enable XMP in BIOS, it runs 450x6,DDR3 1700 CL7 7-7-20 2.1V automatically.
    Passed SP2004 Blending XP

    CORSAIR Dominator TWIN3X2048-1800C7DIN official spec is DDR3 1800 CL7 2.0V.
    GIGABYTE has more improvement room here.

    DDR3 1933 CL7 6-5-20 EVEREST bandwidth

    The DRAM voltage and frequency after OC are mid-high standard.
    However, there is still more3% to 5% room to improve. :)

    P45 combo with ICH10R. I use the best stuff to see the capability of the new ICH
    market price is 700 USD. Also heard the price drops to 580 USD last week.

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    Default Re: High-end and Luxury P45 - GIGABYTE P45T EXTREME Air-Cooling 659MHz Reached

    This is almost the best OC capability in the all P45 boards.
    Running stable in 610~620Mhz is really amazing.

    Coming more for dual core CPU extreme OC
    644Mhz Super PI 1M

    Mostly 646~649Mhz also can enter to OS and get CPUZ certified.
    Many users use software OC to get the higher frequency for CPUZ Cert This is my first try for software OC.

    Air Cooling Dual Channel 659Mhz CPUZ Certified

    Using software can pull in the frequency for more 10~15Mhz to make the extreme OC be greater.
    However, in this condition, you cannot run any software.
    If I donít mention it, the results are all from BIOS adjustment.)

    Q8200 for Quad Core OC
    500Mhz 4 X Super PI 32M

    530Mhz Super PI 1M

    In Quad Core CPU, it can run stable in 500Mhz and passed 1M at 530Mhz.
    It proves the P45T EXTREME is in very high standard for both dual core and quad core system.

    The Energy Saving Software from GIGABYTE-DYNAMIC ENERGY SAVER
    Later called DES. DES needs C1E to operate.

    DES disable, 2700Mhz shows 15.51W

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    Default Re: High-end and Luxury P45 - GIGABYTE P45T EXTREME Air-Cooling 659MHz Reached

    DES Enable, 2700Mhz shows 13.46W(4-phase)
    DES Panel provide lots of info, usage duration, power saving watts and CPU current power consumption.

    DES Disable,4050Mhz shows 80.07W(12-phase)

    DES Enable,4050Mhz shows 45.81W(8-phase)

    80.07-45.81=34.86W, the full speed power saving by DES display.
    But this is the software come with the product. I have to double check it.

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    Default Re: High-end and Luxury P45 - GIGABYTE P45T EXTREME Air-Cooling 659MHz Reached

    This time I use Seasonic Power Angle as the tool.

    All equipments are the same.
    DES Disable,4050Mhz system shows 339W(12-phase)

    DES Enable,4050Mhz system shows 292W(6-phase)

    The all system saving is 339-292=47W.
    Itís 35W more than the DES displayed. DES is a good prediction software.

    1.100% Japan made solid capacitors. Full LED display under system operation. ATI CorssFireX supported
    2. Rich applications in OS. They are all powerful function and exquisite interface.
    3. BIOS provides wide voltage range and the options are never seen before in GIGABYTE products
    4. Dual Core/Quad Core CPU OC are excellent. It let CPU has 20~50Mhz possibility
    5. High cost 100% cooper thermal modules. It is hard to see in the other brands boards
    6. Debug LED, Power/Reset/Clear CMOS buttons
    7.6+6-phase dynamic power saving with Intel latest VRD11.1 PWM design. It combines very well with own DES software for lower power consumption

    1. The cables are too less. The cables are enough but should be more for hi-end products
    2. DRAM voltage is higher than other brands. Also hope the future BIOS can support over DDR3-2000.
    3. Clear CMOS battery is under the cooper pipe. Not easy to use.

    Performance ★★★★★★★★★☆
    Components ★★★★★★★★★★
    Outlook ★★★★★★★★★☆
    C/P ★★★★★★★☆☆☆

    GIGABYTE EXTREME series is really for Enthusiasts.

    For the scoring system, I am always very strict for it.
    This is the 1st product I ever score 10 stars.
    It is because GIGABYTE really puts a lot of effort in components.

    7 stars in C/P, because 330USD price is too high even with very great OC and components.
    The hi-end board C/P is always very low. Itís coming with DDR3, so I minus 1 star from 8 to 7.

    Iíve been testing many P45 boards, the good OC board should run stable at dual core 600Mhz and quad core 500Mhz.
    DRAM must reach DDR2 1200 and DDR3 1800 CL7.
    The 9 stars are scored by this standard.
    I still have to mention, I hope P45T EXTREME DDR3 OC ability can be improved by future fine tuning BIOS to reach 2000.

    No matter what product range, 330USD is still also very high C/P value with GIGABYTE P45T EXTREME.
    Mid-end P45 has Biostar which are between 130~160 USD and hi-end OC P45 has GIGABYTE P45T EXTREME.
    If you cannot find any points to upgrade from P35 to P45, you can wait and see for awhile.
    However, for personal view, the P45 runs stable at 600MHz is improved quite much than P35 in OC capability.

    GIGABYTE launched P45T EXTREME(DDR3) and P45 EXTREME(DDR2) make the more choices for Enthusiast market.

    Windwithme reviews all take much time and effort.
    Normally, it takes1 to 3 weeks to complete the article.

    If you think my review is good for product info and buying guide, please reply my post.

    Your reply push me go forward. ThanksÖ.:)

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