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Thread: Recommend me something...

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    A Mobo...
    Socket A
    2 DIMM min
    4 PCI min
    Onboard LAN, possibly sound
    No need to be packed full o' goodies
    USB 2.0
    No O/C needed
    Reputable Manufacturer

    Yes ladies and gantlemen, i have sunk this low... I have used TT Forums as a way to not have to do my homework when building a system fer sis. I know i know, its shallow and very un-133t-like, but if anyone has noticed, i stopped posting due to a loss of internet access. Im at my buddies right now, and i [prolly wont see replies til next week, but y'all would be doing me a big favor, and i would much appreciate it. Ill prolly put one of these up in HDD's and RAM sections as well. Got a clue on the rest...

    The now very aloof JediAgentus

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    I'm using a Gigabyte GA-7VRXP which has all that you require and it's a very stable system but do be sure to use quality memory with it. :smokin:

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    I'm using the MSI KT3 Ultra which seems very stable. The higher KT3 Ultra-ARU adds RAID, USB2 and 6 channel sound.
    My Box:
    Intel Pentium 4 2.4C @ 2.7
    DFI 875P Lanparty
    512Mb Geil PC3500 Dual Channel (Cas 2-6-3-3 @450MHz DDR)
    Leadtek A280 Geforce4 4200 MyVIVO
    Audigy DE
    1 x 73Gb Seagate fibre channel 10krpm (boot drive) with LSI HBA
    1x80Gig Seagate Barracuda ATA V
    1x120Gig Western Digital 8mb cache
    Spiffy Antec Super Lanboy (LED fan and UV light)

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