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Thread: MSI P7N2 Overclocking help... PLEASE

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    Default MSI P7N2 Overclocking help... PLEASE

    Hi guys.

    Hoping somebody can help me out here.

    My system consists of the following:

    MSI P7N2 Motherboard (1.1 bios)
    G.Skill DDR 3 PC10666 1333mhz Kk series memory
    1000 watt Coolermaster Real Power Pro PSU
    Intel E8500 Cpu
    GTX 280 Graphics card

    for the life of me i cannot overclock this system at all, no matter what i do always results in the system not rebooting and i have to clear Cmos and start again.

    I have read your review on the system and noticed that you guys managed to overclock the board ok. Im only looking to get CPU to 3.6-3.8, nothing to heavy overclocking wise and im sure this should be more than achieveable.

    For your information i have disabled the following in Bios:
    execute bit support
    Cie Support
    set Limit CPUID to 3
    CPUTM function
    Intel EIST
    Auto Disable Dram freqency

    i have tried both unlinked mode and linked mode when trying to raise the FSB trying to keep a 1:1 ratio with the memory (FSB 1600-Memory 800) but it just wont overclock.

    I have raised the FSB up to 1.3 volts , again without success. I have put in the voltage manually for my memory (1.65 volts) again its not helped.

    Im stuck now....

    Can anybody help me. Am i not doing something obvious?

    help before i pull out all of my hair.

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    Default Re: MSI P7N2 Overclocking help... PLEASE

    Hi Nok,

    I usually don't write in forums but I have the same P7N2 board and also experienced a bunch of weird issues while trying to overclock this board.

    I figured out some interesting points which might be useful for some other guys out there.

    The main point with this P7N2 (and looking at other forums, maybe with the 790i Ultra in general) seems to be the voltage applied to your components.

    So first of all, I assume your PC manages to start up in default parameters.
    Use Everest, CPU-Z or some other diagnostics program and check the voltage readouts; I have noticed that the board using "Auto" or default values never reaches the voltages it displays in the BIOS. So they need an increase to compensate for this drop (most of all the CPU).

    My values are:

    CPU : 0.2 V (I figured out that this value actually indicates the additional voltage added to the stock voltage of your CPU; so in your (and in my case) when using a E8500 CPU this will raise the voltage to 1.15 + 0.2 V means ~1.35V. Take care to put on a decent CPU-cooler though (I am using a Thermlright Ultra 120 Extreme). Voltage increases heat the CPU up quite a bit but nothing dangerous in my opinion.

    FSB : 1.4 V (it seems a lot but on other forums I have found that the 790i Ultra is supposed to handle this)

    Memory : I am using ExceleRAM "almost noname" memory DDR3-1600 (8-8-8-20) which the board recognizes as 1333 modules with very poor timings. Their default voltage is 1.9V which I increased to 2V. Timings (the first four: 8-8-8-20) as well as the memory frequency (1600) had to be set manually. By the way, until now I use the BIOS in Unlinked mode.

    Concerning your memory, I was not able to figure out which G.Skill RAM exactly you are using, so go to their site and check for the exact stock voltages they need (I found their PC3-10666 modules ranging from 1.5-1.65 V) and add 0.05-0.1 to the stock voltages.

    Now comes in the weird part:

    I have experienced that this board does not accept all available frequencies; in my case, the FSB values worked best with multiples of 200 MHz.

    Let me explain how to:
    1. Set your CPU Multiplier to 6 so the CPU is not the limiting component during your overclock.

    2. Then, after setting all the voltages as described above, start increasing the FSB. (What is nice with this board is that it tells you right from the start if it can handle the frequency or not -> post or no post)

    3. Try a whole bunch of different values.
    Those which worked for me were : 1600 - 1760 - 1800 - 2000 !!
    Without any further increase in voltage. So this means that the
    board can handle 2000 FSB as claimed !!!

    The values which did not work (or not stable were): 1500, 1700, 1900...
    Maybe these values are not a good idea, but as an amateur overclocker
    I thought gradual increases were logical, but in this case they are not.

    4. Finally, try to increase the CPU multiplier. This is not as obviou as it
    seems because as no continuous increase of your FSB is possible,
    everytime you increment your multiplier you increase your CPU frequency
    a lot, so once again you'll have to try and in some cases you better
    come back to a lower FSB and a higher multiplier.

    In any case, overclocking this board is some bit of work and testing and rebooting and clearing its CMOS. They did a great job putting this button on the rear panel .

    My system right now runs at FSB 500 MHz (or 200 if you want), memory at stock 1600 (as it is not really high quality I don't try to go any further) and the E8500 is uing a multiplier of 8x so its running at 4 GHz
    (3DMark 2006 and Everest CPU stress test are completed successfully.)

    I know the CPU can probably do better than that on other boards, but hey, considering the trouble it takes to get there using MSI's board (and that I am in aircooling), I am quite glad.

    Now sorry for the long post, I am not used to writing in forums and making it short, but I hope this will help some guys.

    PS: And remember, always take car to check your temps while increasing the voltages !!! Don't fry your rig

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    Default Re: MSI P7N2 Overclocking help... PLEASE

    Sorry, I forgot one more thing maybe the most important:

    I also contacted MSI because of some initial problems wihle trying to overclock and they gave me the link to one of their download sites so I could flash the BIOS with version P03.

    This is some performance BIOS I think. So try to get this before trying everything above !!

    I can't understand why they don't hand this out automatically

    Good luck & cheers !

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    Default Re: MSI P7N2 Overclocking help... PLEASE


    thank you very very much for your input. Does not seem that there are too many owners of this board as yet i will try what you have suggested. again many thanks.

    Can i just ask, with reference to the FSB volts that you changed to 1.4. Do you mean the FSB terminator voltage or if not what voltage setting is this?. What were the follwing voltages set in your bios?


    Cheers again m8
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    Default Re: MSI P7N2 Overclocking help... PLEASE


    I guess communication will be slowed down a bit considering the fact that I'm living in Switzerland...

    Right now I am at work so I won't be able to give you all the precise values I am using.

    - The Vcore is set at 0.2 V which means an increase of 0.2V to the stock 1.15V of the E8500 CPU -> you should read:
    0.2 (BIOS-setting) + 1.15 (stock voltage as indicated by Intel) = 1.35V

    - The memory was set to 1.9 V (stock voltage for my moules)

    - For the 1.4V, which I referred to, right now I am not sure if it was for the NB or SB. I have only adjusted the first 4 voltages (CPU, memory, NB, SB) in the BIOS-list leaving the rest on auto. As I am not an expert in the field I preferred not to touch those I was not sure about.

    As a starting point, I have used this post about overclocking the nForce 790i Ultra chipset from [H]ard|Forum:

    Taming the XFX N790 Tri-SLI - [H]ard|Forum

    It gives some useful info and approaches to the chipset and also, somewhere in the middle of the text the stock voltages. I have used them and increased as much as needed (generally + ~0.1) to reach the desired overclocking.

    Well, again good luck and show us (me?) the results you achieve.
    I must say once you master the complete set of BIOS options, the P7N2 works pretty well.

    I will post a few screenshots ASAP too.


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    Default Re: MSI P7N2 Overclocking help... PLEASE

    Ok, I got home, so here are my voltages :

    CPU : 0.2 V (means Cpu runs at 1.35V)
    RAM : 1.9 V (Exceleram DDR3 Stock voltage)
    SB : 1.6 V
    NB : 1.4-1.425 V (depending on overclock and if stable or not at 1.4)


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    Default Re: MSI P7N2 Overclocking help... PLEASE

    And finally, here's the screenshot.
    Score = 18008 points in 3DMark 2006 using the CPU E8500 at 3960 MHz and a stock 8800 GT SLI setup. I think that's not too bad.

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    Default Re: MSI P7N2 Overclocking help... PLEASE

    ah good info ther and a very nice ocerclock, found out that raising the fsb voltage to 1.232 helped a lot. Now rinning at 3.45.....still more to come :p

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