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Thread: First time building computer

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    Default First time building computer

    want to build computer for my wife to play sims on with good graphics and fps but I am intimidated with regards to a motherboard don't want to go over board would like it somewhat future proof. All I keep reading is horror stories about DOA boards and blue screens. So the perfect board for me would be reliable in performance, Intel based, Up to 8 gigs memory, one PCI 16x, well built.

    Thanks, intimidated husband- Bob

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    Default Re: First time building computer

    there are so many good boards out there. you'll want a board built on P45 or X48 for some degree of future proofing (but with the state of things today it wont last that long). You can go for either DDR2 or 3 ram. DDR3 will give you more performance, but it'll cost you a bit more in terms of the mobo and the DIMMs. Almost every board has PCIe 16x these days (id be surprised if you could find one built in the last 2 years that didnt). So for a good entry-mid level board with these features, you shouldnt have to pay more than about $150. Look on the id personally recommend the Gigabyte EP45 series boards (not only because I have one, but because it is incredibly stable for C2Q OCing, hardly heats at all, offers either DDR2 or 3 RAM and offers multiple PCIe 16x slots for CrossfireX expandability), but I've also had good experience with MSI (the Neo3-FIR looks good) and Asus boards (P5Qc seems nice)

    happy building
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    Default Re: First time building computer

    What he said!

    What is your price range for the board only?

    DOA boards happen, with any brand. But I can say I feel that almost, if not more, 75-80% of People who return boards to DOA either have incorrect/incompatible hardware or did not know what they were doing.

    I also suggest a Gigabyte board. I would however suggest P35 or X38/48 (2 PCI-E 2.0 slots) if you are not up to tweaking the BIOS so much. P45 has a Very Mature BIOS, and the P35 BIOS is much more user friendly. But if you are up for learning, P45 is a great choice.

    I also MUST advise, do NOT SKIMP on your power supply choice, get a good brand and be sure it has enough 12V Amps to support the Graphics card/cards you choose

    And be sure to ask around before buying your ram to see if it is a good choice for the board you have in mind.

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