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Thread: help make up my mind

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    Looking to build my first comp, won`t be O/C as yet
    can`t make up mind as to which mobo to go for
    rest of system XP1800, 2X40 GIG WD HD, DVD, CDRW, 256PC2100
    RADEON 8500LE

    ABIT KR7A Raid
    ASUS A7V266-E

    They are pretty much have all the same,
    Raid for all
    C-Media (ASUS, SHUTTLE)
    LAN (ASUS)
    133 (ABIT SHUTTLE)
    100 (ASUS)
    AGP Pro (ASUS)

    So looking at the most stable, one that is going to offer least troubles installing, booting etc
    133 burst speed really required?
    C-Media a must?
    AGP PRO need it?

    Appreciate some input

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    Of the ones you have listed, I would opt for the Shuttle board. It ran neck and neck with the EPoX 8KHA+ and managed to beat it in about half the tests. It also does a fine job in the overclocking department. After all, even if you don't have plans of overclocking now, it's highly likely that you'll at least want to experiment with it in the future. TweakTown posted a review of it a while back. Check it out here.

    * 133 Burst Speed... I take it you're talking about ATA133 support? It hasn't paid off too much in performance, and besides... the twin 40s you're looking at are only rated at ATA100 anyway.

    * C-Media is just another onboard sound scheme. I tend to stay away from all of them myself and stick with something in the SoundBlaster line. They put out great quality and are basically an industry standard.

    * AGP Pro is a waste of time unless you're using something in the way of a 3dLabs video card that is designed for high-end CAD compatibility. The AGP Pro slot just allows you to be able to throw unheard of amounts of voltage at a hungry video card... MUCH more than you would ever need to overclock a system. It's made for use as a business tool, and not an enthusiast device.

    Hope this answers your questions. :)
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