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Thread: Issue with asus p5wd2-e (PCI-e)

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    Default Issue with asus p5wd2-e (PCI-e)

    Ok. Here the deal here. I had got this system from my boss that he had let me have. I'm having an issue trying to get my video card to run at 16x but all I'm getting is 8x. I have a Nvidia 8800gts 640mb card. The motherboard itself has 2 pci-e both rated at 16x. I also have a rocketraid controller which is in the universal pci-e slot. Now the deal is that the video card is in the secondary pci-e slot. I cannot move the video card into the primarly slot because of the extra slot that the video card takes up and it would cover up the universal pci-e slot for my raid controller. Now before you go and ask about the controller. It has 5 hard drives connected and all being stripped with raid 0 setup. There isn't enough ports on the MB to connect all the drives for the setup. I know the video card is a 16x and the motherboard has duel pci-e 16x slots. Only one pci-e 16x slot is being used while the raid controller is in the universal pci-e slot. I've went into the bios settings but didn't see any configuration for the pci-e speed setting. Is there anything I can do to force it into 16x?

    Asus p5wd2-e
    Intel Pentium D 3.7ghz
    2GB Memory
    Nvidia GeForce 8800gts 640MB
    Rocketraid controll with 5 74gb HD set as raid 0

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    Default Re: Issue with asus p5wd2-e (PCI-e)

    RMA the card!

    I have seen this MANY times, and because of your setup you cannot switch the slots being used to even see if that helps. Which I take it you have seen sometimes might.

    Many cards have this issue, it is caused by something bad in the PCB. I would RMA it for sure in your case

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