I was wondering if anyone knew if mini-itx was still around. Via seems to be, but I want to build a mac mini type system and years ago heard that it was better to use AMD and underclock the processor and it runs faster and cooler than Via. I googled but that led me to believe that mini-itx was dead.

Does anyone know of any good forums for mini-itx? I googled that also and couldn't find anything.

If it's not dead is there a mini-itx board that has all the HD outputs that the apple tv has? I want to use Boxee or Mythtv to show all my ripped DVD's. I want to do something like this every Halloween and Christmas to show all the TV specials without the FBI warnings and switching DVDs and such. Before I didn't have the money to do it, but I'm willing to spend it now.

So anyone know anything?