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Thread: New Build Recommendations

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    Question New Build Recommendations

    I'm planning a new build that will last the next 3 yrs, and posting on this site because of its excellent, most helpful participants. Some gaming (Crysis, Assassin, Far Cry, etc.) and general Internet and wordprocessing functions. No video rendering . Some OCing - not heavy tho'

    MOBO - considering Asus Rampage vs. GA-X48-D?? series (DS4 rev 1.3, DS5, or DQ6)

    CPU - E8600

    RAM - ? depends on MB - if GA, then Mushkin that will give me best performance w/ MB and CPU

    Video - probably 4850 single - maybe X-fire pair later

    Case - in the $100 - $150 range (have tower now & like the room to work)

    HDD - will go with only two - one mostly OS, the other data storage - probably won't do RAID

    PS - have modular now, but pretty expensive units these days - want to stay in $100 - $150 range and 750W+

    OS - hate to leave XP Pro, but time to migrate to Vista - probably Home 64bit version

    Thank you in advance for replies

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    Default Re: New Build Recommendations

    Me I check out what components are used by top rate builders of 'prebuilt' high spec gaming PC's. Try giving them a call some are more than willing to help with advice.

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    Default Re: New Build Recommendations

    You might consider Gigabyte P45 chipset series. I have the EP45-DQ6 with the E8600 and so far, I have been very happy. The only negative that I can see is only one PCIe X16 slot vs two with the X48.
    Don't scimp on the PSU. That is your most important component especially when you are considering gaming and possibly OCing.
    I have the Corsair HX1000w, probably more than necessary, but their units are modular which I liked and they are reliable. Other companies include Seasonic, CoolerMaster and PC Power and Cooling.
    I just completed a new build and the PSU choices were emphasized as being important.
    Also with your choice of cases, make sure that cooling is a prioirity along with a good CPU cooler over the stock one provided by Intel.
    Good Luck!

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    Default Re: New Build Recommendations

    corsair hx-620 psu for crossfire with 4850's
    or antec neopower650blue

    if u want 4870- much betta card you will need a 750 or higher - check the psu has 4x6pin pci-express connectors in this case

    I have gigabyte ep-ds4p and it looks lovely and does my mild overclock once settings are nice.
    for 2x8 electrical lanes on the p45 chipset - dont worry bout it - 4850 doesnt eat enuf bandwidth on pci-express 2.0 to affect performance.

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    Default Re: New Build Recommendations

    Skip Vista. Go to Windows 7. presently running Vista HP 64 XP PRO 32 Windows 7 Ultimate 64 beta on a triple boot set up. Windows 7 rocks for a Beta
    Build 10 November 07 so far not even a hiccup. No over clocking
    Gigabyte Poseidon Case, gigabyte GA-P35-DS4 Rev 2 , bios F11
    PSU corsair 620HX,
    CPU Intel C2D E6750 2.66 gig,
    Memory Crucial, 8 gig ,(4 X 2) DDR2 800 (PC2 6400) 1.8 volt
    GPU PNY 8500GT 512MB.
    2 Seagate internal SATA HD, 1 Seagate SATA in Apricorn enclosure runing ESATA on the GigaByte(purple) conection. XP Pro 32 Vista HP 64 & windows 7 X64 triple boot using Boot Pro

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