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Thread: Problems with my XfX

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    Unhappy Problems with my XfX

    Im not completely clueless, but I know that in trying to figure this stuff out, Im in way over my head. About two weeks ago I purchased a bundle package; XfX nForce 630i Motherboard with a 7100 GeForce graphics onboard PCI express x16 DDR2 800MHz, Core 2 Quad Q6600 @ 2.40GHz, and 2 x 1gig RAM (Corsair brand). I also went out and bought a new 120 gig HD and a 500 Watt PS. Last friday I bought an XfX GeForce 9600 GT graphics card. It has a CDRW and a DvD/cd drive.

    I got the bundle and was excited, got my lil brother to help me hook it up... took out the old board, put the new CPU in the new board, put that and the new ram in, and then plugged the cables all back in. Turned it on, and it went into a loop... Asked if i wanted to start in safe mode or regular mode, and it would then go to a black screen, flash the powersaver thingy on the screen, and then restart itself. When trying to load into safemode, it would flash a whole bunch of driver errors on the screen. Brother then said it was because the HD didnt have the motherboard drivers installed on it b4 plugging it into the board. Well he told me that after i had gone out and bought a new HD (he left and i was told i should just get a new HD cause of the loop). I bought a new powersupply while out too because a friend was going to mail me an extra 8800 graphics card he had. I never tried to load the new drivers on the hold HD, jsut let it be for now.

    So i got windows XP service pack 2 installed and got the drivers installed jsut fine, as well as installed the sound card i had from b4. (dont remember specs other than an audiology). Got World of Warcraft installed and patched, and was ready to start playing on my new mean gaming machine!

    Things were fine for the first few minutes, and then I started getting BSODs. WoW runs for anywhere from 10minutes to an hour and a half b4 either freezing up completly, or BSODing. The errors have been very numerous too, cause nothing in life is easy.

    Problem caused by file: sysaudio.sys
    ***STOP 0x00000050 ( 0xFFFFFFC8, 0x00000000, 0xB5f3947c, 0x00000000)
    ***sysaudio.sys - Address b5f3947c base at b5f39000, Date stamp 41107f1a

    That was the first one, and i was told, simply remove the sound card and that sould fix it. It didnt, so i was told to go and update all my drivers, and i then did that. It didnt fix it, i still got BSOD. More errors like...

    ***STOP: 0x000000D1 (0x525702d5, 0x00000002, 0x00000000, 0xb6e05849)
    ***RtkHDAud.sys - Address b6e05849 base at b6d7e000, date stamp 47c3c764

    ***STOP: 0x000000D1 (0x119fc01c, 0x00000002, 0x00000000, 0xb9ae62b2)
    ***nv4_mini.sys - Address b9ae62b2 base at b9a16000, date stamp 47bb807c

    (no other info given for this one)

    I wiped the HD and reinstalled windows last night and got WoW up again this morning. Hoping it was fixed, but sure enough 30 minutes after logging on, bluescreened. The two errors i recorded were...

    ***STOP: 0x00000019 (0x00000020, 0x85108e38, 0x85108e38, 0x0A000007)

    (no other info given for this one)

    ***STOP: 0x000000D1 (0xFFFFFFF7, 0x00000002, 0x00000001, 0xBA7146F6)
    ***atapi.sys - Address BA7146f6 base at BA70B000, datestamp 41107b4d

    I called up Corsair to talk to them about the ram, they walked me through BIOS to make sure the settings were right (and they were) and told me to take out the ram, and try running one stick at a time, and one slot at a time to see if that did anything. (forgot to mention i had run a windows memory test b4 too, it made 6-8 passes and found nothing wrong) Swapping ram around, did nothing to help, each stick and each slot, i still froze up/BSODed. I finally got ahold of an XfX guy today too, and he said that with all the errors i had mentioned, there was no way for him to know what was wrong, but he would offer me a return/repair/exchange (so yay to that!)

    Now, that would solve the problem if its a motherboard issue, however with so many things wrong i cant be certain that it is only a motherboard issue. Does anyone have any ideas on what could be wrong, or what could be right? I havent sent back the board yet, and everything as a whole runs firefox and MSN messenger jsut fine, but WoW crashes and Battlefield 2 closes itself automaticly after about half an hour. Since reinstalling Windows i did not go online to look for driver updates. I need to make certain too that im not just blowing mroe money on shipping if theres not a problem with the motherboard at all and its just somethign else.

    Because i forgot to mention it in the time line there, i installed the new9600 graphics card friday, yay amazing picture, boo it still not working.

    Any help or theories would be great! This small $300 invesment in a new board, chip and RAM was suposed to be a little treat for me to upgrade my old system to be able to support my games and schooling programs. Its turned to be... now almsot $600, as well as, while all of this happening, my monitor died 2 nights ago (a 5 year or so old HP LCD that came with the computer we got at the time). Im now using an old box CTX till i get more money and find a nice monitor on sale. Point being theres a lot of stress with starting up classes again in 2 weeks, what was suposed to be a fun time with my GF enjoying the new Xpac for WoW, and haveing to deal with all of this the past two weeks, is just breaking me down more and mroe each passing day, so again, any help would be much appreciated, if there is anything else i can try to supply somone with, please let me know. Ill go ahead and say baby me through it, i know a decent bit, but id rather it be easy to get than bang my head some more trying to understnad it. Thanks a lot!


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    Default Re: Problems with my XfX

    PSU under rated take it back to store and pickup 700-900Watt unit.
    Let us know what happens!

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    Default Re: Problems with my XfX

    tk you cannot say psu unnderrate - OP did not tell us what brand psu he has - EX a 550 antec neopower will do that easy -550 crudhouse power supply no good-

    mudpupper - what is the power supply unit and all markings on it?
    what connectors does it have and have you put 2x6pin pci-express into graphics card or used converter and have u used 24pin motherboard or 20 pin motherboard

    Does motherboard support 8 pin EPS power socket - if so have you used 4pin cpu power connector or 8 pin?

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