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Thread: hd capacity

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    why does my western digital hd that is a 500gb sata drive show up on my motherboard but it only shows up as 465.75gb in windows ? am confused i used the proper setting and i used the disk for drivers still dont come up right...thanks in advance

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    Dont worry, its just lyk that, e.g my hdd is 250GB, and i only have 232GB of accessible space.

    The reason why its lyk this is due to the way NTFS is formatted. u can read about it on the internet, i tink its got something to do with the file allocation size.
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    Most of the problem comes from the difference in the definition of a gigabyte between hard drive manufacturers and Windows (1000MB vs. 1024MB). See explaination here: Gigabyte - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia . In addidtion, a small amout of the hard drive space usually remains unallocated.
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