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Thread: Best KT333 MB

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    Jun 2002


    Can EPOX 8K3A fit AX7 HSF ??
    EPOX 8K3A (Tt V7+)
    AMD XP 1800+ (145FSB*11.5)
    Crucial 256DDRAM - PC2700
    Hercules GT2 Pro 64MB DDR
    MAXTOR D740X 40GB (FDB-Motor) ATA-133
    Aopen CDRW 20x10x40x
    Pioneer DVD-ROM 116
    Altec Lansing 621
    CREATIVE Live DE 5.1 Digital(AC-3)
    iCute (Xena 300W)

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    New England Highlands, Australia


    Sorry but I can't help ya there as I've never used that heatsink. :smokin:

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    Feb 2002


    SEGIY, you changed your mind on the Vo|Can0 7+?
    No just ran out of money :(
    +new burner :D (16x10x40x was FAR too slow :p )
    Athlon XP 1600+ @ 1662Mhz | Volcano 7+ HSF | Soltek SL-75DRV5 | 256MB Corsair XMS-3000 DDR RAM | 44x44x24 Yamaha CDR-W F1 | 16x Liteon DVD | 40Gig 7200rpm Seagate Barracuda | 20Gig 5400rpm Seagate | GeForce2 MX-400 | SB Live! | RTL8139A NIC | RTL8139B NIC | 12 Fans | 1 x ss Blue cc | 2 x Red Neons | 450W Codgen PSU | Logitech Z-340 2.1 Sub and sats | 17" Osborune Monitor | Win XP Pro | M$ explorer rat and keyboard | Everglide Attack Optical

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    Hi....great site!:)

    I took the AV333 back great performance...short on features...but the Raid (Promise is too slow..64k buffer)
    I want for DV Editing-Raid................

    I am getting A7T and PC3200 tommorow.......


    LianLi PC70 - Enermax 550w "BlueDiamond"
    Asus A7M266 Rev1007a - stock
    XP [email protected] retail/boxed HSF ...."STILL TAPED!!"
    Nanya 512mb PC2100 CL2.5 (set 2.2.2) thermaltake spreaders

    Seagate Barracuda IV's - 2 x40G
    Seagate Barracuda IV - 1 x 80G
    Yamaha 40x16x10
    Pioneer 16xslotDVD digital out
    3.5" floppy

    Leadtek 250 ultraTD - MyVivo
    Creative Platinum 5.1
    Belkin 3port firewire

    Netcomm roadster II USB modem
    Kouwell 6port USB1.1 hub

    HP5300c scanner - USB
    HP 710c printer - 25pin

    Logitech iTouch remote K/B and mouse - PS/2
    Logitech Momo - USB

    Soundworks DTT-3500
    Sony Headphones

    3DMark 2001SE Default
    10,216 high LOD
    10,450 low LOD
    11,400 highest

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    Jun 2002


    NO problem man...anytime...i think the motherboard is a bad ass one...and alot of people as you can see on this thread alone have EPoX which many claim also kicks ass. I think that i am the only one in these forums with this mobo. I dunno if Nick got his...
    You're not the only one now, Flaco! :thumb: I am just in love with this board. Like I said in my other posts, this board just goes together like hand in glove with the amd xp1600 (agoia y).
    I ran stable at 175MHz fsb and Prime95 ran for 12 hours @ 46c.

    I know I can go higher but currently I lowered the fsb to 169MHz cuz that way it goes best when overclocking my video card. =)

    Now I can't wait to unlock this chip! Take care all!
    AMD Athlon XP 1600+ agoia [email protected] 1.77GHz 169MHz fsb
    Volcano 7+ with Arctic Silver 3
    Abit KX7-333R
    512mb of Corsair XMS 512 PC3200 400mhz CAS2 DDR Ram 1 stick
    IBM 120GXP Deskstar 80 gig hdd 7200 rpm
    SOYO Tornado 8500-LE-D @ 297/594
    Creative SoundBlaster Audigy Gamer
    Kingwin KT-436WM Aluminum case with 3 clear panels
    4 Tt Smartcase fans 2 intake, 2 exhaust
    TurboLink 420 watt dual fan psu
    My 3DMark2001SE score

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