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Thread: ga-ep45-ud3r weird boot cycle

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    Question ga-ep45-ud3r weird boot cycle

    First post on the tweaktown forums for me, thanks for having me!

    I've had this ga-ep45-ud3r board for about a week now, along with some ddr2 gskill RAM and an E8400 CPU. The system seems pretty stable, and seems to pass all of my torture tests with no problem.

    However, after I've done some OC'ing in the BIOS, when I save my changes and reboot, the system will shut off, then turn back on for about 2 seconds (I.E. fans spin up, lights come on, etc.) then the system shuts off, then turns back on, again after about 2 seconds. Once it's gone through this process, it POSTs normally and fires up my bootloader.
    I initially figured it had an issue with my settings, but upon investigation it hasn't changed any of them. I've tried it with a plethora of settings (mostly changes to voltages) and even with no OC at all. It seems to do this more or less at random. Is this normal operation? I can't find anything in the User Manual about how it handles unstable OCs, haven't found much info online either. The following are the settings I was working with earlier when this all started:


    Vcore -- 1.3625v
    CPU Termination -- 1.280v
    CPU PLL -- 1.35v
    CPU Ref. -- 0.760v

    MCH Core -- 1.3v
    MCH Ref -- Auto
    MCH / DRAM Ref. -- 0.910v

    I haven't done anything with the RAM other than alter the multi to keep it at DDR2 800.
    Thanks in advance.

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    Default Re: ga-ep45-ud3r weird boot cycle

    Its a normal setting in the bios - read the book of words :)

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    Default Re: ga-ep45-ud3r weird boot cycle

    Thanks for your reply.

    Have looked through the manual a few times now, which option are you referring to?


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