Hi guys,
I need help! About a month after I bought this board, I started having some issues with it not powering up or it would power on but only for a few seconds and then turn itself off. It seemed to do this overclocked or on stock settings.

Then it would have all corrupted graphics in game and then switch off and would not start even despite CMOSing it etc. After a while it would come on. Other times after a restart it would set itself to CMOS defaults without me doing anything. I changed the battery and still it did it.

I sent it back to gigabyte who said there was nothing wrong with it---that took almost three months as they were apparently closed over Xmas. It ran ok for a while till now this is happening again. I also get corrupted GFX loading it in bios even before it gets into windows

The 8800GT card works fine in the other computer (I had the card in that machine before getting the new MB) I am running an 8600GT that requires no power of its own with the X48 DS4 and there have been no problems so far.

Now I have heard ppl say the 8800GT card is not compatible with some boards.

Can anyone please suggest something as this is driving me insane!!!