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Thread: GA-790GP-UD4H possible "cold boot" issue?

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    Default GA-790GP-UD4H possible "cold boot" issue?

    I got myself a nice Gigabyte mobo around a month ago, paired with a Ph. II X4 810, RAM is a 2x2GB kit of G.Skill PC2-7200 Pi Black. It's been working what I could call flawlessly, but it has bothered me for some time now, that sometimes the PC will freeze upon entering windows. Either on the logon screen, or after very few moments of loggin in to an account. It happens rarely (maybe once every 15 boots?), but it has me intrigued.
    I have the PC somewhat overclocked right now to 2.9GHz (so the RAM would run at it's spec'ed speeds of DDR2-900), but it happens just as frequent on stock settings.
    At first, I did think that my RAM or mobo were not working properlly.
    After all, this kit of RAM NEVER worked on my prior P45 based ASUS mobo, o always thought it was faulty. To my surprise, it booted right up an without errors on a few memtest passes on this board.
    Anyway, like I always do with a new system, the moment I set everything up, I ran a couple of passes of memtest, went into OS and ran 2h of OCCT, and finally, left it 6+ hours of prime95. No issues/errors/freezes whatsoever. It's the exact same story now that it's overclocked.

    Is this some known issue/bug? It's rock solid once it's in wondows, but as said, from time to time, it freezes upon boot. I've been suspecting it may have something to do with speedfan, but haven't looked into it completely.

    GA-790GP-UD4H, F2Bb BIOS
    AMD PH II X4 810
    G.Skill Black Pi @ DDR2-900

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    Default Re: GA-790GP-UD4H possible "cold boot" issue?

    That's odd, I could've sworn I posted it under Gigabytes support forum... sorry...

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