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Thread: Yet another q9550 on p5n32-e sli question

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    Question Yet another q9550 on p5n32-e sli question

    Hi All,

    I have a P5n32-e sli like some of you here and I'm considering my CPU upgrade options short of replacing the motherboard, I know the Q9550 is a popular CPU and there seem to be mixed reports of whether it will or will not run on this board - I know the compatibility lists it as not compatible, but I've seen a few people manage to run it.

    I have also the plans to upgrade from 4gb 800mhz ram to 8gb of 800mhz ram, the Kingston HyperX LL kit that is apparently compatible with the o/s.

    So my question is what are my chances of successfully mating the Q9550, P5n32-e sli and 8gb of Kingston Hyper X ram with Windows Vista 64-bit?

    and one more - general type of question - I have an 8800GTS O/C 700mhz processor 2000mhz ram and am wondering if I could SLI with another 8800 GTS O/C with 690mhz processor and 1970mhz cpu? and then add a 8500 GT as a phys-x card in the mix?

    Kind Regards,

    Matt H

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    Default Re: Yet another q9550 on p5n32-e sli question

    4 GB RAM is enough. But if you will use 8 GB RAM, you must install Windows Vista 64 Bit.

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