I currently have a 920 D0 @ 3.8GHz Core/3.6GHz Uncore and I am stuck at this wall. 200 bclk x 19 for core and x18 for uncore.

My Mobo is a Gigabyte UD5 with the F6 Bios. F7 Bios and it is unstable for 24/7 so I dont use it.

Memory is Mushkin Redline 1600 6-6-5-18.

Cooler is Thermalright Black w/ (1) 120mm Fan. Temps are 40C Idle, 77C Max full load.

I want to go a little higher. I really really want my uncore to be the same as my core. (1) is this even possible? (2) would a new mobo help me achieve this? (I was going to give this PC to my dad and get a whole new i7 920 D0 setup.... so I am looking for a new mobo anyway.

Any good recommendations for a mobo? I was thinking the Gigabyte Extreme ( dont really know if this is different than the UD5 really) , or something by ASUS....

Hook me up! sorry for the noobish questions but i7 OCing is alot harder than the processors that preceeded it :)