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Thread: windwithme’s Core i7 review Part 7 - Foxconn’s Flaming Blade locked and loaded!!

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    Default windwithme’s Core i7 review Part 7 - Foxconn’s Flaming Blade locked and loaded!!

    It’s almost 5 months that Intel launched their Core i7 CPU into market.
    Almost all the motherboard manufactures are so earnest to make X58 platform for the brand new Core i7 processor.

    Intel is positioning i7 as a high-end product, consumers think the same too.
    Before the new mainstream –LGA 1156 with P55 MB coming out,
    currently it will still be LGA 755 to dominate the Intel CPU’s middle-to-entry level segment market.

    Foxconn launched an X58 model earlier, named BloodRAGE. Based on current available X58 MBs out there with the price range from USD 200 ~ 300,
    BloodRAGE is the highest priced one. Therefore, Foxconn’s strategy is to make up their high end product line with lower-priced X58 MBs.

    This time the man in the spotlight is Foxconn’s latest X58 with a more affordable price under USD200: Quantum Force Flaming Blade.

    Quite a great bulk for a product package.
    Every new product comes with a different key image. Foxconn has given mush thoughts to it.

    Accessories inside.
    Manual, easy guide, software CD ROM, bridge, IO shield and cables.

    Flaming Blade in the flash.
    The components on the MB nicely collocated with color red or black, creates a strong gaming image.

    MB bottom left
    2 X PCI-E X16
    ( support 2* 16X ATI CrossFire & Nvidia SLI 2* 16X multi VGA technology)
    1 X PCI-E X4
    1 X PCI-E X1
    2 X PCI
    Networking chip - Realtek RTL8111C
    Audio chip - Realtek ALC888,support 7.1 Channel HD

    MB bottom right
    6 X SATAII(ICH10R,suuport Raid 0/1/5/10)
    1 X IDE
    POWER/RESET button、DeBug LED… etc.

    MB upper right
    3 x DIMM DDR3,supports 1333/1600/1800 with up to 12GB.

    Foxconn adopts a different 3 DIMM design from other X58 MBs, which is exactly what Intel recommended for the most optimized design.

    3 DIMM design will get higher performance on basic confirgurations. Beside, it also helps enhance the overclocking capability.

    MB upper left
    LGA 1366 CPU socket. Foxconn provides additional LGA775 CPU cooler socket to reduce the hassles of changing between coolers.

    CPU uses 6 phase PWM, it’s enough for all Core i7 available currently.

    8 X USB 2.0
    2 X Gigabit LAN,supports Teaming Function
    2 X eSATA
    The black button in the center is clear CMOS.
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    Default Re: windwithme’s Core i7 review Part 7 - Foxconn’s Flaming Blade locked and loaded!!

    Heatsink with style and texture

    Flaming Blade boot-up screen

    BIOS page

    OC setting page

    CPU Feature

    DDR3 timing setting page, XMP(Extreme Memory Profile) is there, too.

    The voltage page
    CPU Core Voltage +10~1260mV(CPU maximum 2.44750V)
    CPU VTT Voltage +10~1260mV
    DRAM Voltage 1.50~2.86V(after 1.60V the interval is 0.01V)
    CPU Vdroop Compensation, That is a function for CPU to maintain a stability environment when CPU is in a heavy voltage loading status.
    X58 IOH Core Voltage 1.10~2.36V

    OC Gear
    There are 8 storage sections for users to save different settings.

    Hardware Monitor

    Above is my settings in Flaming Blade, CPU/DRAM 200/2000 stable.
    Yet due to CPU, DDR3 may have slightly difference one another, each combination may need still adjustments in the voltage.

    I spent some time to optimize the setting, for you guys’ reference.

    Test bed configuration
    CPU: Intel Core i7 950
    MB: FOXCONN Quantum Force Flaming Blade
    DRAM: CORSAIR Dominator 2GBX3 DDR3 1866C9D
    VGA: MSI R4650-MD1G CrossFire
    HD: Intel X25-M 80GB
    POWER: Corsair HX520W Modular Power Supply
    Cooler: Megahalems

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    Default Re: windwithme’s Core i7 review Part 7 - Foxconn’s Flaming Blade locked and loaded!!

    Foxconn software, driver installation page


    Foxconn own-developed software, features overclocking, hardware monitor… functions. You can also

    FOX LOGO. Users can change the boot-up screens here.

    about DRAM
    CORSAIR Dominator 2GBX3 DDR3 1866C9D
    Official spec is DDR3 1866 CL9 9-9-24 1.65V.
    DDR3 1871 CL8 8-8-24 1T,1.66V
    SP2004 3 X Blend mode, 5.64G full loading stable.

    DDR3 1871 CL8 8-8-24 1T
    Sandra Memory Bandwidth-32970MB/s
    EVEREST Memory Read-19525MB/s

    DDR3 2001 CL9 9-9-24 1T,168V
    SP2004 3 X Blend mode, 5.83G full loading stable.

    DDR3 2001 CL9 9-9-24 1T
    Sandra Memory Bandwidth-34848MB/s
    EVEREST Memory Read-21056MB/s

    DDR3 2129 CL9 9-9-24 1T
    Sandra Memory Bandwidth-36621MB/s
    EVEREST Memory Read-21460MB/s

    Flaming Blade is quite strong at DDR3 overclocking, but the only flaw is the voltage at higher end.
    My ideal voltage is 1.65V with DDR3 2000.

    The performance score is quite stunning, especially with 6GB DDR3 2129 still could boot up adequately and got into OS. This is a thumbs-up.

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    Default Re: windwithme’s Core i7 review Part 7 - Foxconn’s Flaming Blade locked and loaded!!

    about CPU
    Intel Core i7 950 D0 OC 200X21=>4203Mhz
    DDR3 2001 CL9 9-9-24 1T

    CrystalMark 2004R3


    Hyper PI 8 X 32M,HT ON.

    DDR3 1816 CL8 8-8-24 1T
    Hyper PI 4 X 32M,HT OFF.

    There are significant improvement stable under 1.3V when OC to 4000Mhz, 4349Mhz when OC to the limit, pass quad core PI 32M.

    About 3D:
    I took a look on the performance of ATI Latest 4650. About the others like 4870x2, 4870, 4850, 9600GT....etc. I match them with the text X8

    MSI R4650-MD1G CrossFire



    Crysis Benchmark

    Need for Speed Undercover
    Anti-Aliasing 4X

    ATI4650 is quite a mid-range VGA. Hope the price of it can be almost the same to 4670, hence, the C/P ratio will be better.
    The C/P ratio of 4670/ 4830 is still higher than others.

    FOXCON Quantum Force Flaming Blade conclusion
    1)The packing design is real high quality. And the price is under USD200 too.
    2)The options of BIOS are various. Particular the voltage part, OC ability is quite good too.
    3)Supports both ATI Crossfire and NV SLI too. Good to gamers all the time.
    4)Features with Japanese solid state capacitor. Power/ Reset/ Cmos buttons.
    5)Good connectivity: 6 x SATAII, 2 x eSATA, 8 x USB2.0

    1) Foxconn Motherboard is not that easy to be seen in the channel market.
    2) no 1394 at this time….
    3) hope there will be a 6 DIMM version for DDR3.

    Performance ★★★★★★★★★☆
    Components using★★★★★★★☆☆☆
    Outlook ★★★★★★★★★☆
    C/P ratio ★★★★★★★★★☆

    Most X58 mobos on the market are all around USD200.
    The Foxconn’s Flaming Blade produce under a OC level design, it’s only in a mid-range price. Further, this is this only X58 I gave a nine star to.
    If more cheaper X58 motherboards are launched, it will be a good news to i7 users.

    The most high-end model of Foxconn Quantum Force, the BloodRage priced USD300. Almost the top of the line..
    of course the total structure is much better than Flaming Blade;
    This time, they used 3 DIMM design for a better memory OC performance, but seems users not that appreciated for the special design.
    The board design should a merit that most users will be agreeing… the red + black design. very sexy.

    At the beginning, Quantum Force series positioning its products in the highest class of the Foxconn’s product line.
    But this time Flaming Blade seems make a step down to mid-range price gaming product.
    The Cost & performance ratio is a key that they considerate now.
    That is a kind of improvement though. Enthusiast loves to see it.
    Hope the Quantum Force P55 series will let us surprise with their “cost” and “performance”!

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