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Thread: Asus Striker II Formula - 1066MHz RAM question

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    Default Asus Striker II Formula - 1066MHz RAM question

    Hi there.

    I'm looking at getting 1066MHz RAM to work on my Asus Striker II Formula.

    I tried getting Corsair XMS2 RAM to work on it, the 2 x 2GB modules, but even after telling the motherboard what the voltage and basic timings were (5-6-6-18 according to and 4-4-4-12 or 5-5-5-15 according to Corsair) the motherboard wouldn't accept it as 1066MHz at least 50% of the time - it would see it as 800MHz.

    RAM choices will either be from Scan ( or Microdirect (

    My question is this:

    These are the choices of 1066MHz RAM I have available to buy:



    TWIN2X4096-8500C5C - 4GB (2x2GB) Corsair TwinX DDR2 XMS2, PC2-8500 (1066), 240 Pin, Non-ECC Unbuffered, CAS 5-6-6-18 - (68.59) This is the one I already tried, but willing to give it another go.

    TWIN2X4096-8500C5D - 4GB (2x2GB) Corsair TwinX DDR2 XMS2 Dominator, PC2-8500(1066), 240Pin, NonECC Unbuffered, CAS 5, EPP - (101.03)

    Are any of these easy to set up, easy to run and easy to get along with?

    I've found that DDR2-800MHz RAM doesn't even need the timings put in on BIOS. I have used Crucial Ballistix 800MHZ DDR2 RAM up til now, with no faults or problems occuring.

    Is it even worth going for 1066MHz RAM?

    I'll be backing up my documents etc from the HDD via my fathers PC (we had the same set up, whereas now I'll be testing the new mobo with an old P4 chip, if the mobo works I'll be buying a 2.8GHz Quad core chip from Microdirect).

    I want to put Windows 7 64bit on, which is why I want 4Gb or more. I'm sick of XP and Vista 32bit, as the 2Gb of RAM nowadays seems to be really poor.

    My problem however is not knowing enough about RAM and BIOS to set this all up easily and problem free. I don't understand the timings and voltages, so am most likely to get it wrong.

    If none of the RAM above is appropriate, would someone please suggest which RAM is excellent, for upto about 100-110 for the 4Gb - as I can add more in a couple of months or so.
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