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Thread: Fair Lady with AMD "open core" testing!!

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    Default Fair Lady with AMD "open core" testing!!

    Recently we got some news about the AMD "open core" case in different forums. For the enthusiasts, from the Athlon X2 710, X2 250, then X2 550, most of them are the 2 cores CPU, but now we got support by motherboard manufacturers, you can "adjust" (crack?!) the CPU to the 3 cores, even 4 cores one, not only the better benchmark score, but also the CPU codename changed to a new one, so you can see lots of message like "Can you make the CPU 4 cores?" or "what kinds of the motherboard can make the cores opened". Although the AMD do not admit the case officially, but today we will show you the steps to open the "forbidden cores" !! Let follow the steps now with the ASUS M4A785D-M PRO and our fair lady :))

    We also got the ATI HD5870 for the assembly.

    ASUS M4A785D-M PRO close look.

    MUST: the BIOS tuned by ASUS.

    Also the A-DATA Overclock memory kit.

    Those are the parts we got today...

    Make your tool handy

    Be careful on CPU setup.

    Put the CPU on the socket.

    Now we have to put on the heatsink.

    Make sure everything goes fine.

    Don't forget the Fan header...

    Install the memory modules

    Put it slowly...

    Now you got 4GB memories with your system now !!

    Very cute case...of course it suits our fair lady today :))

    Another shot with charming smile :))))

    Now we can start the assembly procedures.

    First: the optical device...

    then the HDD parts.

    Put the M4A785D-M PRO into the case.

    Power supply, don't forget to put it in.*This time we use Commander 650W,this power supply is also from In-Win

    Connect all the cable with Q-Connector.

    Now is the VGA have to buy a good case for enough space.

    Don't forget the main ATX-Power.

    Connect all the power cable now.

    Remember to adjust the cable near the CPU, sometimes the CPU cable may jam the fan.

    Close the case now :))

    It's time for the LCD, keyboard and mouse.

    connect all the cables with LCD.

    then the keyboard and mouse...

    Now we will show you how to open "Cores" on AMD platform.

    Install the OS first, we use the windows XP for sure.

    update the latest BIOS to make sure you got lastest functions.

    Now is the key point: find CPU options in BIOS.

    Check the "Advanced Clock Callbration".

    Make the "Unleashing Mode" to "Enable"

    Save and reboot now

    Success !!AMD Phenom X2 550 now become the 4 cores Phenom II X4 B50...

    Now you know how to make the 2 cores CPU to the 4 cores. For normal use, actually you can choose to open the cores or not, it will not affect the performance for most of the case. But if you choose the right motherboard, maybe you can got more power for you's your decision? :))

    Now we also have some pics of our fair lady for you guys, have a look :)))

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