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Thread: MSI Big Bang Trinergy

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    Default MSI Big Bang Trinergy

    Today I'm looking at the new P55 board from MSI the Big Bang Trinergy.
    Probably the most important update to any power user or gamer is the addition of an NF200 chip, to give the end user the ability to run three graphics cards on this chipset. Dual cards will run at 16x/16x, and a three card setup will run 16x/8x/8x. The scaleability of a multicard setup is what I will be focusing on in this short mini review.

    Other notable additions, MSI have gone with Fully Hi-C Caps. They have also introduced an OC Dashboard for on the fly overclocking.

    Here we see a nice array of accessories to help meet the needs of the end user.

    A close up of the socket area shows off the Fully Hi-C Caps as well as what MSI calls Super Ferrite Chokes.

    Good spacing for three dualslot graphics cards.

    A bit of a party favourite, touch pads on the PCB for the power reset and Green Power buttons.

    Standard looking backpanel, just under the top two USB ports is the connecter for the OC Dashboard.

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    Default Re: MSI Big Bang Trinergy

    I have picked some benchmarks that will scale with multiple GPU's to demonstrate the additional benefits of having the NF200 chip.

    The CPU I have set at 4Ghz, as that is a common overclock for many enthusiasts. For the below benchmarks I have left the graphics cards at their stock settings of 850/1200.

    Test Setup
    i7 870 (4 cores 8 threads) @ 4Ghz
    MSI Big Bang Trinergy
    MSI 5870/s
    OCZ 2000Mhz Cas7
    Windows 7 x64
    ATI Driver 9:11
    CPU Cooler, Thermalright Ultra 120
    GPU Cooler, Stock

    Other than 3D Mark Vantage which was run at it's Performance settings and shows the total score, all other benchmarks were run at 1680X1050 and High Settings and displays it's average FPS.

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