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Thread: Should I wait?

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    I am wanting a new motherboard, and I am contemplating purchasing an Epox 8K3A+ or the 8K5A2+. However, I believe that the nforce2 and KT400 motherboards are on the near horizon for release and I don't know whether I should wait or just get the epox. I currently have an asus A7A266, with pc 2100 memory. The reason I am thinking about buying a new board is because my asus benchmarks significantly low in the memory bus. Help me out.

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    Consider this...

    If you wait for something better to come out before you upgrade, then what will be on the horizon when the new stuff comes out?

    There is always something new on the horizon. If you're not happy with your current system and you have the funds to upgrade, then do so. The choice is entirely up to you, but you'll be waiting for an awful long time if you're always going to wait for that new "gotta have" technology that is due out just any time now.
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    the KT400 series mainboards should be available early to mid september...i have been in contact with a few mainboard companies, and they all say the same thing... 1 MONTH !
    but, then hammer should be out "soon" after that, a few months from now, soooo it's up to you, but, I'M waiting for the KT400 for the AGP8X (future video card upgrade).:wave:

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