Hi all,

Just got this MB. Finished installing all hardware (CPU i5 2.6GHz, Radeon 5770, HDD) and software (Win7 x64) and would like to ask 2 questions.

#1 Is it worthy to install Dynamic energy saver 2 program? I let the computer run almost whole day and use remote connection to it. No heavy computing is done during day (Used for downloading, outlook, when needed to get hands on my data). Or is it better to set some saving values in BIOS which I think this utility basically does (C1E) and CPU EIST? When I get back home from work I want computer to run again in full speed.

#2 If I install easy tune 6 for slight overclocking I hope it won't interfere with Dynamic energy saver 2 program, am I right?

Never installed utilities that came with MB - usually crap that just slow downs computer, but I may be mistaken since it's been a long time since I made last upgrade. So far all works fine - just noticed that USB in front panel are little bit shaky. Upgraded Bios to F5. Wish it settles down. Any suggestions welcome. Just to clarify: I don't intend to overclock heavily.