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Thread: Computer problem--Please help!

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    I'm not getting any beeps at all...

    I'll try another processor to see if that could be the problem.

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    Ok... I tried a new working processor... and still, nothing happens... And I also have brand new working PC800 RDRAM as well... I tried some other RAM that was bad and it gave me the three beeps for First 64K memory failure...

    The hard drive does spin up and all... All the lights come on... All the fans spin... everything turns on... But still no beep... no picture on the monitor...

    What could it be??? This is driving me insane

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    I had the same prob, that is: no signal to monitor after upgrading from my Aopen GE2 MX 400 AGP card to a PNY GE4 MX 440 card. The monitor acted like the computer was shut off. I put my old card back in and everything is fine again. Obviously it's the video card. The Aopen card is noticably thicker and had a nice "snap" into the slot. The PNY is thin, slides into the slot with no resistance and seemed floppy side to side in the slot. I think the PNY card was not making good contact in the AGP slot. I returned it and I am living with my old card which works fine.

    I suggest trying different brand of video card. I suspect AGP slots can vary also depending on mb brand. My other machine is an Intel mb 845gbv with an ATI card that works fine.

    My main machine is a P4 1.6a, Gigabyte 8SRX, Kingston 512k 2700 RAM, PSU 300watt. I do not usually oc, but it will oc to >2.0 easily.

    Let us know how you do.

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    I think its a ram problem. Consult your manual.
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    I had different RAM in it... PC-600... and it was incompatible.. I got the three long beeps that meant First 64k memory failure... but I got new RAM and i no longer get the beeps... so I would think that means the RAM is good...

    But I don't know... I"m running out of ideas here.

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