I am having trouble with ocing my i7 920 P6T Dlx V2 with 12GB OCZ Platinum. Temps are ok on 150 BCLK at 35C/95F, using CPUID Hardware Monitor.I know my V8 is sealed good with i7, but could always redo thermal grease. So far i can get to 3.0Ghz RAM at 1503Mhz 7,7,7,24, but it did drop on me with these settings. My settings now which are stable,
BCLK 150Mhz
CPU Volt 1.35
DRAM 1.64
QPI/DRAM Core Volt 1.35
Intel Speed Step OFF

I'm trying to run the memory at 1600, but i have no luck. I do get it to post and boot to Win7, but it will BSOD on me randomly. I tried in the middle 3.2Ghz 1603 ram, but it drops. Also tried at 3.8Ghz, stays up for a while. I try settings from other peeps with same hardware, but not any luck. I got it post and boot at 4Ghz 1600Mhz, but i had to jack up the volts real high.

Any help will most appreciated.

i7 920 CO/C1
P6T Deluxe V2 BIOS 1033
OCZ3P1600LV2G (12GB)
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 470
CM HAF 932 case