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Thread: Graphics corruption with GA-7VRXP 2.0

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    Atlas- I notice in the last screen you posted of the BIOS that you didn't have the "thermal protection" field. It is supposed to be the first one in the list.... I assume that is cause you have a Ver 1.1 .... In 3D mark my board is reported to be a 1.X but it has it...

    Any ideas???

    BTW Do you have any probs with the AGP port when you OC???
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    In response to; "BTW Do you have any probs with the AGP port when you OC???".

    Well, I haven't done any overclocking yet so can't say.

    In regard to "thermal protection". Yeah, thats because the rev. 1.1 didn't have it. I did send my board back to Gigabyte and it was reworked for the compatibility issue with the GeForce 4.

    If you open your case look at the board you'll see the REV # as well.


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    I RMAed the video card and installed it. Everything works! It turned out to be a faulty video card. One thing to note, the new card that was sent to me had a new BIOS than the old one. The old one had, the new one has

    Thanks for all your help!

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