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Thread: GA-P55-UD5 + 3 videocards = 6 monitors = comp keeps shutting down :(

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    Default GA-P55-UD5 + 3 videocards = 6 monitors = comp keeps shutting down :(

    Hello guys,

    I've tried to figure what is wrong for the past month but to no avail.

    alright so here are the specs:

    MOBO: GA-P55-UD5
    CPU: i5-750
    PSU: 650W, tried 900W still keeps shutting down
    3xGraphics: ATI HD 5450 Sapphire (crossfireX not enabled)
    OS: Windows 7
    RAM: forgot but this should not be the problem.

    alright my main task is for day trading and not for gaming so i think my hardware choices should not be a problem. I am currently trying to set 6 monitors (4 x 17") (2 x 20")

    So the problem is: everything works, windows starts, all 6 monitors work perfectly and then it asks for some gigabyte update.. or couldnt update something.. and if I press yes it shuts down completly.. if I press NO it will work for a bit then turn off. Either way I get screwd.

    I tried with 2 video cards and then only one video card but it keeps shutting down, sometimes before I put my Windows 7 password (So i'm thinking is not an update issue). Should I tweak some sets? update? i don't think it is faulty because I can access windows. Should I change in catalyst the PCIe speeds or video configs??

    I have also checked to see if heat is a problem.. and the 2nd card was hotter then the one on the first PCIe x16 card. Is that normal?

    anyway all ideas are welcome!

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    Default Re: GA-P55-UD5 + 3 videocards = 6 monitors = comp keeps shutting down :(

    Please post a image of exactly what it is asking you to update, that way we can try to find out what this might be.

    Yes it is normal for the second card to be hot, you do have a third one under it right?

    Lets see this error/update message so then we can see where to go from there.

    Ram is important, and you need to set it's voltage and QPI voltage too, so this may also be part of the issues to. So please let us know what it is and what voltages you are using

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