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Thread: intel Q3FE 980x motherboard support ?

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    Question intel Q3FE 980x motherboard support ?

    Hi. I've picked up a Q3FE 980x and am having trouble getting it to run stably at any frequency. I've tried it in 2 boards so far with no luck: MSI Pro-E and gigabyte X58A UD7. I thought it might have a good change of working in the UD7 board as it's high end. Even with all the cpu features disabled + higher voltages etc it does not run for long without getting a BSOD stop 124. I can make my i7 930 do that by bumping up the frequency with out enough voltage. But alas even at 1.3+ volts, even at 2400Mhz the 980x ES still fails to run for more than 5 minutes. I don't want to spend hundreds of dollars on a high end board to have this still happen. Perhaps there's someone around south east QLD that can test the cpu out on a evga or asus board ?

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    Default Re: intel Q3FE 980x motherboard support ?

    BSOD 124 means not enough QPI/Vtt normally (Although sometimes it means Vcore, but not usually)

    What Uncore are you using for what memory multiplier, and what QPI/Vtt? 980X only needs 1.5 x ram multi for uncore, but you can still use 2x or above if you want, less will help you lower QPI/Vtt though but at times can cause issues too.

    I have a UD7 and a Q3VG, not the same as you have but still ES. I think you just need to find the right settings is all, and of course go ahead and update to the latest BIOS too. (DO NOT USE @BIOS)

    If you need help with your settings please give me the ones you are trying in a template from my signature and I will advise back some for you to tinker with.

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