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Thread: Floppy drive prob with Soyo KT133 Dragon Plat

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    I have a Soyo Dragon 133 Plat with AMD XP 2100, 512 reg Corsair RAM, 60 gig Maxtor ATA133, Antec case with 430 True PS.
    I have three problems.

    1. Floppy drive fails. Power light is on, have swapped cables several times. Computer freezes if I right click on My Computer. NOTE: Computer does not freeze if I unplug the floppy.

    2. Optical mouse stays "lit" even when power is off.

    3. Can't get computer to show CPU at 2100 unless I overclock.
    In standard bios settings, CPU shows at 1100, at "Turbo" mode shows at 1500.
    I'm not an experienced over-clocker but would like to know what all the bios settings need to be set at for stable operation at 2100

    Also, Do I need to plug my HD into IDE 3, 4 in order for ATA 133 to be enabled?

    Thanks for your time and assistance. :)


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    Ok have you checked that the floppy's cable is connected the right way and have you tried another floppy drive? :?:
    As for the CPU it just sounds that a jumper/switch on the motherboard may not be in the right position or an incorrect entry in the BIOS. ;)
    Now about ya ATA133, it's a fraud. Only now are hard drives starting to exceed the ATA66 boundaries and that's by burst rate alone. So I wouldn't bother with that one. :smokin:

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