Hy, i have a pc with motherboard asrock H55 M-LE , 2gb ram, 500 hdd,an I3 intel procesor, with integrated graphic card. The question is: can i set my graphic card integrated more than 256 mb, because in bios menu, the options are : 32, 64, 128, 256. So, why in caracteristic of the mainboard, are write, the maximim size are '' Max. shared memory 1759MB*--
The shared memory size is dynamically controlled by VGA driver, and the Max. shared memory size will be available only when more than 4GB memory is installed under 64-bit OS...Means maybe, i nedd to instal more then 4gb memory, and instal a OS at 64 bits..and then after i can set included card video more then 256 mb? But , how i can if in bios the max. share size is 256 ? Thanks !