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Thread: New to me out.

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    Ok I am building a Book pc with the ASUS CUSI-FX flex motherboard.
    the specs for the board is....

    Supports Intel® Celeron and FCPGA CuMine™ 300MHz~1000+MHz CPU
    2x DIMM sockets for up to 1GB PC133/PC100 SDRAM
    SiS® 630E Integrated VGA
    SiS® 630E Integrated LAN (Optional)
    ASUS® iPanel Support
    133/100/66MHz Front Side Bus
    Maximum 5 USB Ports (with onboard LAN Model Only)
    UDMA/66 BM IDE Connector
    1 PCI and 1 AMR Shared
    Optional Cmedia® Audio

    Does anyone know if this board will unofficially support higher CPU's?

    What is the difference with between FCPGA and FCPGA2? Can they both be used on this board or just FCPGA only?

    I want to get the best performance for the buck but I want the power to be there just in case I need it.

    Can someone help me out?

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    I found this info on the FCPGA2 chips:

    "The requirements a motherboard must meet for the FC-PGA2 to work are as follows:

    1.The board must have a Socket 370 interface which supports VRM 8.5 DC-DC Converter guidelines

    2.The BIOS must support the 1.475 core voltage.

    While most current socket 370 motherboards on the market today may meet the voltage requirement, the pins setup remains different to the point that the processor will not work if used in an older, non-compliant motherboard."

    It is also supposed to be taller that the older chip and can cause problems with heatsinks that have close clip tolerances.

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    Ok, I guess that rules the FCPGA2 out of the question.

    I went to look for a PIII but there is so many different variants. CuMine, Coppermine...What is the difference? Core revisions? What do the markings "EB" (...etc) mean?

    I guess the main question is what variants of PIII can I use? What can I not use? I can't find any CuMine CPU's

    Basicly all I know is that I need a a PIII FCPGA socket 370 or a celeron. Is all the socket 370 Celerons the same and can be used in this board?

    Gosh, Now I know why I stuck with AMD

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    Some info form Asus' site:

    Question: Can CUWE-FX support Intel new Tualatin CPU?

    Answer : No, the chipset on CUWE-FX cannot support Tualatin CPU.

    Question : Can CUWE-FX support FC-PGA celeron CPU? What is the the fastest speed of Celeron I can use?

    Answer : Yes, it can support FC-PGA celeron CPU. The fastest one which can be supported is Celeron 900. (This has appearently been changed to 1000.)

    Here's a link to Intel's feature set for PIIIs:

    Hope this helps.

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    Hehe, that's the wrong board bro!

    I already read those fact for my board and I know they can't use the Tualatin CPU. What about coppermine (which is all I can find)?

    The specs say: Supports Intel® Celeron and FCPGA CuMine™ 300MHz~1000+MHz CPU

    I can't find any CPU that cleary states it is a CuMine.

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    You're right about the wrong board! Boy! did I screw up flowing the small print on my big monitor while wandering around Asus' site,or what?

    Here's what I think will be a little better help.

    The coppermine was the code name for Intel's switch to a .18 micron process. It came with a couple of designations. The e after the speed ment it was the .18 process, thereby a coppermine chip. The b was used to designate that it supported a 133mz FSB (no b meant 100mz FSB).
    So, the fastest chip that the board should support is the PIII 1000eb. I found one at the folowing link:{8BF174B9-1FEC-4AD3-9F3F-6E7F5AA4DBA2}&Cc=INTEL3&Tp=

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    Thanks Jack... I didn't want to buy a coppermine CPU and it wouldn't work.

    Thanks again!

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