I have a gigabyte ep45-ud3p
Ive just got a new ocz ssd 120gig drive
Ive read you should inable ahci mode in the bios to take full advantage of the ssd speed.
I have 2 places in bios that enable this.
ICH SATA CONTROL MODE AHCI ,RAID,or IDE If i chenge it from ide i get the blue screen and it reboots.
So I leave that on IDE and change
ONBORD SATA/IDE TO AHCI the computer does boot but i loose my segate 500gig drive
My os is on the ssd
I have 5 sata drives installed and a sata dvd burner no ide drives.
Is there something im missing to change
Dual core 8500
4gig oczxtc platinum
2 ati 5770
seagate 500 and 10000gig drives
western digital 1000 gig drive
samsung 500 gig drive
ocz 120 ssd drive
Rockfish 1000 watt power supply