Hey all,

I am currently running the following,
Gigabyte motherboard GA-X58-UD4 (i think its this one, sorry at work atm).
2.8gz i7, 6gb DDR3 ram
1GB 4870 Gigabyte graphics card

I had a 1Tb hard drive as my OS connected via Sata,
My 1Tb external hard drive connected via eSata on the back of the PC which was subsequently connected to another Sata port.
A crappy old DVD rom connected with old style cable.

I replaced the DVD rom with a new one that used Sata and my external hard drive stopped working.

I then tried every combination of bios settings by tinkering with the Raid/IDE/AHCI and the onboard sata on/off.

I could not get the external hard drive to work again, but in the process I created all new problems even using the fail safe bios settings IDE and IDE.

1) My PC takes a few attempts to reboot and crashes out with this message,
'Recovering lost DRAM size'

2) My monitor stopped working, I determined that it was the digital cable from my graphics card to monitor that didnt work, changing to analogue one made it work.

Additional question I have is does it matter which Sata ports are used, there are like 6 or 8 ports and I did try various combinations but without luck. I had my OS hard drive in GSata and Sata 0 and was no difference, my external was mostly in Sata 2 or 3.

Please help.