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Thread: Memory Placement

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    Is it better to have two dimms of 256 or 1 dimm of 512? Are the instructions stored half and half with two dimms?

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    no......but for price it would be cheaper to buy one 512 stick. However how many dimms do you have? Then you can look at it from a reliability issue. If you have a 512 stick and it fails you have ram until you replace it. If you have two 256 sticks and it fails you atleast have some left and can use your comp while you wait for the new ram to come in. I would lean on the 512 stick because not only is it cheaper but you can leave room for more ram in the future.

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    One stick is usually better than two because each stick adds capacitance load to the bus. If you get hi-perf ram and want to run it at cas2, a single stick should be more stable than 2. I've run 2 sticks of Mushkin at cas2 in a machine sucessfully, but I guess a lot of people have stability issues with multiple sticks at cas2. Starting with one stick, if you decide to add more later, I would think your chances would be better using 2 sticks than going to 3, if you started with 2.

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    Except for the nForce 420/415 or a true dual-channel RDRAM or DDR chipset, it shouldn't make a difference either way. 512MB is good on one hand as you have more slots available, but in most cases that will be plenty.

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