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Thread: Best P4 Mobo

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    I am looking to buy a new mobo and I wanted to know which one is the best...reliability, stability, overclockablity everything combined. Right now I am looking at the Epox 4g4a+ but any other suggestions. Thanks

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    Is there such a thing as a good P4 mobo ?? :)

    Sorry j/k offcourse :P

    Why P4 anyway ? AMD will out bench most if not all P4`s on the market .

    I was an Intel man for 8 years but i now own a AMD CPU and i have never been happier :)
    P4 2.8 HT ( Oced to 3 ghz )
    ASUS P4P800 Mobo
    2 x 512DDR 400mhz ( running Duel DDR )
    ATI Radeon 9800np
    2 x 80 gig Maxtors
    1 x 40 gig Fuji
    550 Antec True Control
    19" Flat Tube Mitsi Monitor
    Hercules 7.1 Forissimo Sound Card
    Hercules 5.1 Speakers
    MX700 Logitec Cordless Mouse and Keyboard
    Pioneer DVDR-RW Burner
    Liteon 52x CDRW
    Thermal Take Xaser 2 Case
    AquaMark Score: 41,000
    CM: 351 / 311 MHz

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    Well I think the Epox 4G4A+ will be just fine!
    If you're not going for an all out RDRAM solution then anything with the 845G chipset i think is the way to go.
    Theres a review of many 845G boards here at Tomshardware

    Personally I'd go the Epox though :thumb:

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    or i845E, thats pretty much the same without the shockingly crap intel graphics. I would say Abit TH7-II, it owns, although its i850

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    If you want a DDR board then the two top choices atm if you dont want onboard video are the ABIT BD7-II and ABIT IT7-MAX2. The BD7-II uses i845E chipset has onboard sound, (dont know how good the sound is as I have never used it) onboard LAN, USB2.0 and there is a RAID option as well. IT7-MAX2 is one of these new legacy free boards, no serial, parallel or PS2 ports. Has onboard 133 RAID, Onboard Serial-ATA, Firewire, 10 USB2.0 ports, Onboard LAN and sound. Personally I have no use currently for all the stuff on the IT7 so stuck with BD7-II. But Intel are due to release new chipsets soonm with Dual channel PC3200 DDR memory controller, AGP 8X and possibly onboard serial-ATA.

    If you are more interested in RAMBUS then look at the asus i850E boards either the P4T533-C or P4T533. The C uses PC1066 RAMBUS which has to be used in pairs. The P4T533 uses 32bit PC4200 memory. PC1066 and PC4200 run at the same speed you just need pairs for the PC1066 whilst with the PC4200 you dont. Getting hold of PC4200 memory is currently difficult in UK, and the boards generally come with a 256MB stick of PC4200, making it more expensive, but of course you have some RAM with it.

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    I have an Epox EP-4BEAV - it's pretty much a 4G4A w/o the int. graphics. I'm pretty happy with it even though I'm only using a Cel1.7 in it right now:rolleyes:

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    4G4A+.....excellent choice

    Intel 1.8A @ 2.4GHz
    512MB Samsung PC2700
    ATI Radeon 9700 Pro
    WD 800JB(2)
    Aopen 56X CD-Rom
    TDK VeloCD 48x24x48
    Pansonic LS-120 Superdisk
    Lian-Li 65U
    Emermax EG465P-VE FMA
    Windows XP Pro w/SP1

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    I have several different motherboards on my machines, I like the Epox 4g4a+ best. Its widely accepted amongst tweakers for 6 months meaning that there are quite allot of those motherboards around and many experienced users that can help. It gives you better chance that the board will be supported by the manufacturer for a longer period.

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