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Thread: Asus p4b overclock

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    Hello everybody ,
    Does any one knows how can i clock mijn asus p4b 1,5 MHz and until how much mgz? ( I have never done it before)
    Thank's for your help
    : peace:

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    If this is the SDRAM version I'll warn ya now that any increases ya get here won't be much as the memory is already strangling this CPU but here goes.

    As with most Asus boards now you must make sure that the jumpers and/or switches on the board itself are set to Jumper Free Mode (see manual for your board for correct settings).
    Now ya have to go into the BIOS and the two sections you need are
    1: Advanced Menu - this is where you'll increase your FSB of the CPU/system and where to adjust the voltages if necessary.
    2: Chip Configuration - this is where you can fiddle the memory settings if you need to.

    As with any overclocking no one can tell ya how much you'll get out of it as the are many factors and parts bearing on your out come and the only way to find out is to go there. Only do it in small steps though, testing stability under full work loads along the way till ya get to a stage where it get's unstable then just back it off or start increasing the CPU voltage a little and/or maybe slowing your memory speeds down.
    If you do happen to get a "black screen" at some point, just unplug the PC from the main and clear the CMOS (again the motherboard manual will show you how), this will bring the BIOS back to its default state again.

    Good luck and let us know how ya go. :thumb:

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