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Thread: Please explain FSB, cache, clock speed, 533, 133........!

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    Hi, I was just wondering if someone can explain to me in SIMPLE words, what all these FSB, cache, clock speed means.

    I mean, I know the basics like a P4 2.8 G and say a Athlon 1.4 G,
    but what's all these talk about 333FSB, sometimes I see 533, 166, 133 266 and all these different stuff.

    And how are the AMD XP CPUs calculated in terms of those 2400+, 2600+ coz I know they run at 2 and 2.133 g, so how are they calculated?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Well the easiest to explain is the Athlon question. The XP2200+ and so on just means that it is equivalent to a P4 2.2ghz. They used this type of labelling because a lot of people do not realise that clock speed is not all the determines the speed of a computer.

    With the FSB. The FSB times by the CPU's multiplier gives the clock speed of the CPU. The clock speed being the speed of the CPU that we hear such as a 2.4ghz P4. The multiplier is usually fixed. For example a P4 2.4ghz CPU has a default FSB of 133mhz and a multiplier of 18 (18 x 133 = 2400). However you will hear 533 FSB being mentioned with P4's because it is quad pumped or something like that....basicall 133x4=533. Athlons run with a 133 FSB also but not quad pumped.

    Thats just what i know. Someone correct me if i'm wrong :thumb:

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    Sounds good to me but you might just want to know FSB = Front Side Bus.
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