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Thread: Blue Screen of death - ASRock G41M-VS3 R2.0

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    Default Blue Screen of death - ASRock G41M-VS3 R2.0

    I recently bought a motherboard [ASRock G41M-VS3 R2.0], and it run [WinXP SP3] well for a couple of days, untill some post codes apeared in the lower right corner of the screen during boot sequence [6B38, 003A, 0075, 0078, 00B1] followed by the blue screen of death in windows [at random time intervals after loading of windows completed]. The countdown to the blue screen is totally random, and it happens when you least expect it.
    Pc is new, and all other components were tested on another system, and they work well. CPU is Celeron dual core E3500 [and it runs cool, around 40 celsius], Memory is 2Gb Geil 1333 [but runs at 800 due to the CPU FSB], SSD 32Gb Kingston on SATA,WD 250Gb [slave] + LG DVD [master] on IDE, Video ATI 512 Mb. I'ts not a gaming PC, and it was intended to be used for net browsing and chat mainly.

    The info related to those ASRock POST codes is vague on the internet. This is what i sorted out so far:

    6B38 - seems to be related to "USB Legacy Support" being enabled in BIOS. I've disabled it, but no change in system stability.
    0075 and 0078 - it is said to be incorrect jumper settings or bad IDE cables. Installed a brand new ATA data cable... nothing. I noticed the post error codes are present even if I disconnect the IDE data cable from the mainboard data cable socket.
    As for the rest of the codes, 003A and 00B1 I have absolutely no clue what so ever, to what they are related to.

    Please advise. Can someone explain what is the meaning of the last 2 error codes? Should i return the MB under warranty or this is a thing that can be fixed [without doing BIOS Update]?

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    Default Re: Blue Screen of death - ASRock G41M-VS3 R2.0

    Maybe you can have a try with this tool to fix the blue screen of death. Here are detailed steps below:

    Step 1: Create a BSoD Fixing CD/DVD/USB

    Here you need to utilize a bootable computer to burn a bootable disk. Insert a CD/DVD into your driver or plug in a USB flash drive into the USB port. Then launch this program, and get the interface like below. This software will check the CD/DVD drive or USB drive automatically, and you just need to perform one click of your mouse: Click "Burn".

    Step 2: Boot Your Computer from CD/DVD/USB

    Then insert CD/DVD/USB into the unbootable computer, and set your CD drive as the first boot device in BIOS. Then your computer will restart automatically and access to the operating system which is burned in the boot disk.

    Step 3: Fix the Problem

    Then you will enter WinPE system, launch Windows Boot Genius. Go to "Windows Rescue" Option and select the solution based on the symptoms of your crashed computer. Each solution equips with a handful of Windows repairing tools that you can try one by one until your computer works normally.

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