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Thread: MSI Z77 GD65 and PWM fan splitter issue: fans running at full speed

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    Unhappy MSI Z77 GD65 and PWM fan splitter issue: fans running at full speed

    First post! And already a problem. :P

    Alright here goes:

    Short info:
    Very recently I bought a 4-way PWM Splitter from Gelid Solutions ( so I could connect more fans to my mainboard utulizing the PWM functionality. But sadly PWM is not working, fans are running at full speed.

    More info:
    The motherboard (MSI Z77 GD65) has a total of 5 fan headers, of which two are 3-pin fan headers and three are 4-pin fan headers, of which 1 is reserved for the CPU Cooler fan. In other words, 4 SYS_FAN headers and 1 CPUFAN header. SYSFAN1 and SYSFAN2 are PWM controlled. According to the manual: "The CPUFAN, SYSFAN1, SYSFAN2 connectors support Smart Fan Control with liner mode".

    In my case there are a total of 8 fans (yes 8). Two of them don't support PWM functionaly, therefore these are connected to both SYSFAN3 and SYSFAN4, which are 3-pin fan headers. No issue there. The remaining six fans, of which 4 are case fans and 2 are CPU cooler fans are to be divided amonst the three 4-pin fan headers (SYFAN1, SYFAN2 and CPUFAN).

    At first I chose to connect the 4-way splitter to SYSFAN1. Then I would connect 4 casefans to the splitter. The CPU Cooler fans would connect to CPUFAN header and SYSFAN2. The splitter is powered by a molex. But at startup all fans would run at full speed.
    I checked if the splitter was the issue by removing the splitter and connected a casefan directly to SYSFAN1. The PWM functionality was there and the fan would run silently.

    Then I decided to connect the splitter to another 4-pin fan header: CPUFAN. I connected three case fans plus one CPU Cooler fan to the splitter, 1 case fan to SYFAN1 and 1 CPU cooler fan to SYFAN2. But again, all fans run at full force.

    I went into the BIOS-settings to see if the fans are configured in a different way. They were set to AUTO. I could only change the voltage (in %). Nothing else.

    Lastly I installed SpeedFan to see if I could control the fans that way. After much tinkering I could set the fans to run slower. I don't know if this worked through voltage or PWM, but it worked. I did not check if the fans would speed up under load however.

    Although SpeedFan is a semi-solution, I really want the motherboard to control the fans instead of software.

    Does anyone have a solution for my problem?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Default Re: MSI Z77 GD65 and PWM fan splitter issue: fans running at full speed

    3 pin fan connectors have no controller so adjusting speed is not possible via the bios. Connecting power via a molex will have no controller so no adjusting the speed is possible either. If the bios has no senser to recongnise then it won't show up as supported hardware. A 4 pin male and a 4 pin female connected to the motherboard should show up as a possible adjustment of the fan speed. So i can't see why it is not functioning.

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