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Thread: What Version Mobo do I have? (7-VRXP)

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    Ok I'm a little confused as to what board I have and I was looking for a little help.

    In 3Dmark is says I have a 1.x version?

    This has me a little worried as the 1.1 has gotten fairly bad press.

    How ever in my Bios it has the "thermal shut down option", this was only available on the Ver 2.0 I thought.

    Whats the G-O?

    On a more positive note I have found it to be a great board with plenty of features....Only problem is it gets slower the higher I jack up the FSB.. :shoot3: .... If you can solve that problem to I'd be a happy camper...


    Oh anyone know if its worth upgrading the bios to Ver10 ... I have 9 ATM...
    XP 2000+
    512Mb DDR Kingston Value
    60Gb WD
    Triplex 128Mb Geforce 4
    Lite on CDRW

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    The version of your motherboard is printed on it beside the northbridge along with the boards model number. :smokin:
    Here's a quote from another thread about the prob with the earlier version. ;)
    4th Question:
    Why there was no notification of this issue on their web site.

    RESPONSE: Since this problem did not effect all boards a notification was not posted. The problem with the GeForce4 card was caused by a "change in the spec. done by NVIDIA" without notification to Gigabyte.

    The tech also confirmed that the problem was specific to only a few hundred MOB's with specific Lot #'s. The tech believes the Lot # ended with "C".
    This can be found by looking at the sticker on the serial/parrallel port's moulding. :)

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    I spent 2 months working on a ver 1.1 motherboard.When I looked at the specs in 3d mark 2001 it showed up as a 1.0.

    Motherboard gave wrong temp readings and did all kind of funky stuff......Board was a piece of ****.

    No help from Gigabyte web site and in the end I returned the board to supplier who had the balls to ask me for a 5% per month charge to exchange this board for ver 2.0 motherboard.

    I exchanged the board and you would not know that this is the same computer.Runs smooth and fast with no problems.

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