Alright so I got to order all this before the end of the day, as I won't be here for a while after that. After doing some research I think it all comes to these 3 for me :

ASRock Z77 Extreme4
Biostar TZ77XE3
Gigabyte's GA-Z77X-D3H

Biostar and Gigabyte are a bit more affordable than the ASRock, but the Extreme4 seems really popular right now so I'm guessing it's an overall better motherboard ? Any insight about this would be greatly appreciated.

Also while we're at it I'll save some forum space to post two additional questions in this topic which are not really related to the motherboard, but still concern my new build. While shopping for my new GTX 670 I came across 4 models and even after checking a few roundups and reviews I am still very much undecided about these. Gigabyte's card has that custom cooler of their's with 3 fans which seems to do a decent job at cooling. Asus also seem to have done a great job with their design and cooler. MSI on the other hand has both a reference design and another OC'ed one with their TwinFrozr (or whatever it's called) cooler. What is weird is that both MSI cards are a lot cheaper than GB or Asus... at least here in Canada.

Last but not least, I've been desperately trying to find information about the NZXT Phantom and Phantom 410 cases (Full and Mid tower respectively) to find out which one was the best design but I couldn't find anything relevant. I know it's a lot of questions and they do not all belong in the motherboard, feel free to move the topic if needed.

Specs of the new system if it can help with the motherboard/GPU question

Motherboard : Any of the above
GPU : GTX 670
CPU : Corei5 3570k
Memory : 8GB Corsair Vengeance 1600 low profile
PSU : Still undecided, something Corsair between 550w and 750w
Cooler : Cooler Master Hyper Evo 212

Thanks everyone.