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Thread: Motherboard with full IOMMU support

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    Default Motherboard with full IOMMU support

    Hi there

    I need full IOMMU support for virtualization with an AMD FX-8150 cpu. I am therefore wondering what "cheap" motherboard has full IOMMU support (with the ACPI IVRS table) or that has a beta-BIOS available to enable these features.

    Any help appriciated.

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    Default Re: Motherboard with full IOMMU support

    bumping this thread because it is unanswered and I am looking for an answer too.

    Seems like there are a fairly long list of IOMMU-capable hardware and BIOS with an IOMMU on/off feature, yet there's a lack of tables in the BIOS to make any of it actually work when turned on anyway.

    Worst of all, few to none of the motherboard vendors publish whether their IOMMU *actually works* (and from what I've seen it usually doesn't).

    Those tables are a game-changer. Please answer.

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    Default The IOMMU hardware blues

    I have researched and researched. I haven't nailed down any one person using todays technology that can say I used 'this motherboard' with 'this cpu' and 'this graphics card' and was able to access that graphics card directly from the VM.

    There's a lot of talk about IOMMU and I'm sure it's a wonderful thing but right now it's a bit of hologram, you can see it but you can't touch it.

    Sites of interest perhaps:

    I'd sure enjoy having someone add to this post that has had real world success using this technology and offer up the hardware they finished the job with.

    I have recently put out a bidding on to find a developer that thinks he knows enough about it to pull it off. I have also started a thread on Virtual Machine - Gamer / Development Machine: virtualization kvm ubuntu to see if anyone over there had the answers. Yesterday I also dropped another forum member: RootWyrm View Profile: RootWyrm - TweakTown Forums , a question or two (see Question about IOMMU Hardware that Works - ) directly on these forums as he seems to be knowledgeable about these issues.

    We just downloaded and installed the latest version of Ubuntu 14.04 which has a kernel that supports IOMMU hardware natively (without added compiling) and are testing further. We 'think' we have the right hardware (ASUS x59, Core i7 920) but there's a lot of conflicting information on the board, the cpu and the technology dependencies so don't have an answer yet.

    Anyway as you can see, it's going to require some digging ! I'll post back if success knocks.

    Separate note: There should be a category in tweaktown for VM. It's an up and comer in case you haven't heard ;-)


    Jay Lepore

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    Default Re: The IOMMU hardware blues

    Thanks for your efforts compuMatter.

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