I have a problem with this board I'm wondering if anyone else has encountered. I'm running a A10 5800K and if I select 2133 memory in the bios (v1.90) the option to adjust the 'GFX clock' disappears and when I then boot into windows the GPU clock is detected as only 400Mhz, only half it's default speed! If I lower the speed to 1866 the option to adjust the GFX reappears and by default it runs at 800Mhz like it should.

This seems like a problem with the BIOS as I know from reviews of other motherboards that it is definitely possible to run the 5800K with 2133 memory speed and the GPU at full speed. My memory is an OCZ 4GB (2 x 2GB, OCZ3SOE1600LV4GK) kit and only rated at 1600 but it runs at 2133 fine with 11-11-11-30 timings and 1.7v.

Does anyone know if there is way of adjusting the bios settings to allow 2133 memory with the 5800K GPU at full speed or is this a limitation with the motherboard/bios??