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Thread: best sis648 board ?

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    i was wondering what is the best sis 648 mobo out there. i am looking to o/c. i have good mushkin memory which i plan on o/c'ing as well. i will probably go w/ an 8x agp vid card. i also would like to have firewire.

    if anybody has a sis648 mobo and would like to share their o/c results please post.

    i am choosing a sis board because i've seen that it is the best ddr based board available right now


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    The Intel 845PE chipset was released just yesterday and so far the benchmarks I've seen aren't significatnly different from the SIS648.

    Well for overclocking boards seems brands such as Epox are a favourite.

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    i have to aggree. EPoX is the only way to go if you want to overclock. Their sis 648 board looks REALLY good (4SDA5+), kinda leaning to that one myself (need some $$$$ tho) :)

    The 845GE/PE now have "official" DDR333 support as well as Hyper-Threading, but don't have agp 8x (not that it makes a HUGE difference in performane). I like the look of the Gigabyte 8PE667 out of all the new Intel 845's, but this couls mean that the prices of the "old" 845E/G's will drop some, making them a good alternative (like the EPoX 4G4A+).

    Hope this helps a little

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    i have read that epox are good o/c'ing boards. do those other chipsets offer firewire and usb 2.0?

    thanks for the replies


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    The 845PE/GE has 6 USB 2.0 ports but it does not have firewire built in.
    A lot of boards do have a firewire controller onboard though as an option. Really depends whether you will need firewire for your DV cam and so on so up to u :thumb:

    EDIT: oh and yeah the Intel chipsets supports Hyper Threading like the post further up said which will be important if you plan on upgrading the CPU in the future.

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