Hi, Guys
I am running Gigabyte F6 bios with my SB I7 2600K OC'd mobo and have held off from going with the official Gigabyte AMI UEFI bios U1g due to what have read about some of the voltage adjust setting not available under the AMI bios and problems O'clocking SB with this bios.
I know there is a beta U1h bios floating around so has anybody got any good reports running OC SB CPU's with either of those bios and does U1h now have some or all of the unavailable F6 adjustments.
With F6 on my rig under stress testing 26c ambient giving 68c which am happy with.
So is it worth going to the new bios with O'clocking SB CPU or only if I ever go IB CPU (I went this mobo for upgrade to IB pathway but after IB release pretty disappointed with what was being reported and looks like better to stay SB)
Sadly it appears Gigabyte
are not going to work with AMI to address this problem does anybody know if there is an unofficial UEFI bios that does have those adjustments.