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Thread: epox 8kha+ KT266A no agp4x

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    hello all,

    I have a problem enabling th4 4xagp on my epox 8kha+ KT266/A mobo. My card is a Leadtek Winfast A250 GeForce4 4400 128MB DDR.

    The selection in BIOS to enable 4xAGP is missing.

    I have reinstalled WinXP with only the Via4in1 drivers 4.43 (latest version) and the standard Leadtek display drivers. Also Flashed my bios to the newest one from epox.

    I did this after weeks of playing around with different display drivers and diagnostic utilities. I also contacted epox and Leadtek and have already tried the registry fixes to force 4xAGP.

    still it wont work.

    I am now 99% sure its a hardware incompatibilty issue unless there is something else I'm missing.

    any ideas??? this has been driving me crazy for weeks now.

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    I'm sorry but I used plenty of both but never the two together, so I can't really say what the problem is but have you tried one of the tweaking programs from as a few of them will let you set the rate. ;)

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    That's really wierd. What AGP X are you using right now? 2X?
    New Sig soon, old one was way outdated.


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    yes I'm using AGP2X right now. Also to note; I have a GeForce 2 GTS card and by swithcing the cards back and forth the GeF2 has the option to select AGP4X in bios whereas the GeForce4 does not.

    I'm anxoiusly awaiting email tech support responses from Via, Leadtek, and Epox.

    Also I am hoping someone, somewhere has the same combo I have and can tell me if they are having the exact problem like me or not.

    BTW thanks for the link I will look into more utililtes to see what I can do.

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