I bought the MO x79 extreme 11 couple months ago and I finally opened the box this week due the all parts of my first and new rig has arrived so I could unleash the beast.

I placed everything on my test bench, I hooked up all the cables and when press the power button on the edge from the MO.. and it can`t power on.

First thing I verified the PSU and it is working flawlessly. I checked again all the cables mainly the ATX 24pin and both aux 12 volts connections but no success to power on.

It is curious that I get the RAM lights on (from corsair dominator) when turning on the power supply, that makes me think if my MO is really dead or not. However even with the RAM lights on I don`t see any other electrical signal working such as; MO LED, fan ship set and the MO by itself.

Any idea?

CHIP: Intel 3930
MOB: ASROCK X79 Extreme 11
RAM: Corsair Dominator 16g (2x8) - 2400mhz - dual channel
SSD: 2x 240GB Scandisk
HD: 2x 3T Seagate Barracuda
COL: Corsair H100 liquid cooler